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Allez cuisine!

Hmmm. This is starting to feel like a one-woman, non-competitive Iron Chef: a main ingredient reveals itself and I have to turn it into an enjoyable gastronomical experience.

Tonight, at least, I had to combine two things that I hadn’t planned on cooking together, but were going to go to waste if I didn’t: a decent (but not great) tuna steak, and an eggplant. I really did try to find some way to combine these into an actual meal, and maybe I just didn’t try hard enough (or missed something painfully obvious), but I ended up preparing them separately and hoping they just wouldn’t clash too badly.

I am not terribly experienced in preparing and cooking eggplant. I know how to fry it and how to make eggplant parmesan (but that’s really only because I know how to make chicken parmesan – same thing). Having had a pretty long day, I decided not to get too adventurous and not to potentially waste anything. So, roasting it was. All I did was slice the eggplant, salt it for about half an hour, rinse/dry. I scored the top of each slice and rubbed a mixture of olive oil, chopped garlic, pepper, and chopped fresh oregano and basil. They baked for about half an hour. (I would post this as a recipe but I actually took this one from a legitmately published and copyrighted cookbook.)

The eggplant ended up soft & mushy, as it’s supposed to be – delicious. I will certainly be making this again! As for the tuna, I kept that simple too, and just did a short (10 minutes or so) marinade of olive oil and a little lime juice and then grilled it.

I don’t think I would have won any competitions with any of this tonight, but it made for a relatively easy (but, admittedly not very quick) and tasty supper. Plenty of other goodies from the grocery to play with soon!