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It Was Time for Lunch.

I came home this afternoon from having spent most of the morning at banks, so I was already cranky and kind of depressed, on top of being ravenously hungry. It was time for lunch. It was time for comfort lunch. So I started prepping my favorite comfort ingredients – pasta, garlic, cheese, and pancetta. And then I looked in the fridge and found another zucchini and some more green beans, leftover from the CSA haul this week.

Liiiiight bulllllb.
(from “Despicable Me?” Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?)

Before I knew it, I not only felt a thousand times better about my day, but I also had a delicious, kinda-healthy lunch. I guess you could make it without the pancetta, but I don’t want to think about it. 😉


It was just perfect with the Italian lemonade, too. Magnifico!

I also just posted the recipe on the Recipes page. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer with some good food!

Deliciously Simple

Whole wheat pasta with homemade fresh pesto

It’s summer and I have lost all semblance of a “regular” schedule in my life. I went to Barnes & Noble this afternoon, and when I left, I didn’t realize how close it was to dinnertime, nor that I might soon be hungry. So instead of going to the supermarket up the street, I turned the other direction and headed home. A handful of pretzel sticks and a couple of hours later, I realized it would be a very simple, minimalist dinner tonight.

Tonight: Whole wheat pasta with homemade fresh pesto.