About Me

I believe that good food is always better for you than so-called “healthy” food.

I love whole grains. I eat brown rice, I eat farro, and I eat quinoa. I like couscous. They’re all especially delicious with meat. Or oil. Or both.

I’m intrigued by the connection between my dinner plate and the health of the environment as a whole. And I honestly believe that change can be made, one dinner plate at a time.

So you won’t find a lot of recipes on this blog claiming to be “healthy,” or particularly nutritious, for that matter.

But – I’ve spent far too many nights eating dinners I don’t particularly like, in the name of dieting, or of eating healthy. I’ve had enough. So I cook what I want to eat. And that means that, along the way, I’ve learned to cook those things that I want to eat.

What this blog boils down to is, like most blogs, self-indulgence. I love to write, I love to cook, and I love to take photos. I’d been posting photos of some of the culinary creations on Facebook, and to me, a blog seemed like the way to combine all three. But I also think that more people should cook. I think we should eat less fast food, and stop telling ourselves that it’s any “faster” than cooking at home.

As a cook, I try to keep things simple. I use cookbooks, but hardly ever follow them exactly (or if I do once, I don’t the second time). I believe it’s both important to use as many local foods as possible, as it benefits not only those who eat them but those who create, raise, and grow them. I generally try to cook and eat healthy, but sometimes you just need a batch of chocolate croissants or mac & cheese to do the job.

It’s been great fun so far, and I hope you get some fraction of the enjoyment out of it as I have.


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