Falling Like the Leaves

It seemed every where I looked and listened this week, my friends were rejoicing in the arrival of “pumpkin spice” season – better known to the rest of us as fall.

I am not a fan of “pumpkin spice,” and not a fan of what seems to be everyone else’s favorite latte (wake me when it’s “peppermint mocha” season, please). But, I am a huge fan of fall.

To me, the first ingredient that means the arrival of fall is not pumpkin, nor pumpkin spice, but maple. I have been eager to start cooking new and yummy things with maple syrup for a while now, but today finally seemed like the perfect day. I had slept in, had watched an afternoon of ACC football, and had worked on my fantasy pro football team – something about all of that football just clicked my brain on over to “fall.”

So, as my beloved Demon Deacons whooped up on the Wolfpack, I ran over to the supermarket to pick up some sweet potatoes. It being Sunday evening, and farmers markets not an option, I relied on the Teeter. My nearest Harris Teeter does a pretty decent job of stocking a few in-season locally grown veggies. And this time of year, one of the easiest-to-get local veggies is the sweet potato.

A few hours and a roast center cut pork loin later, it was time for the first (and, so far, best) dinner of the fall.

DSCF0365Maple-Roasted Pork with Pan Sauce and Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

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