“Victory Breakfast”: Summer is finally here!

DSCF0104My summer vacation has finally started! I celebrated my first day of vacation with a celebratory breakfast (I like to say “victory breakfast,” for having made it through such a tough school year) at home: Eggs, bacon, fruit smoothie, coffee, and rosemary olive bread. The works.

I am working on a few full post ideas, doing a bit of research, but mostly just wanted to enjoy my first couple of vacation days. In the meantime, here’s what’s new:

  • I might be moving house in the next few months to a year! The tiny kitchen may no longer be quite so tiny. I have been in DSCF0342my current apartment for four great years and really love it, not to mention the wonderful neighborhood. But, frankly, my costs of living have gone up while my salary hasn’t, so it is time to look seriously at how to downsize some expenses, other than giving up cable and keeping the A/C off as long as possible. Plus, my priorities have shifted much more onto cooking & blogging, so it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to have a better workspace for that. Anyway, I’m only just getting around to figuring out how to sell, so it’s a ways off.
  • In preparing the apartment for a realtor friend of mine to come byphoto 5 (3) the other day, I revamped my “office” space a little – gone are the grad school textbooks from my desk! The DSCF0116laptop is back on the desk instead of on the couch! I really like the setup. I even hung up a favorite apron to give the “office” a little flair.
  • Updates for the Garden Diary page: Photos from the MPC container garden are now housed on Picasa!
  • Updated and new Recipes are coming soon!
  • And, of course, new MPC posts are coming soon, too … I’ve got a good one in the works about barbecue. In the meantime, if the mere mention of the word barbecue does it for you, you should read this from the latest (June/July 2011) issue of Saveur.

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