Old Lessons

Could I afford it? Barely.
Did I still try to get the least expensive one possible? Of course I did.
Is that really lime green? You betcha.
Would I do it again? Yes.

This is my brand new 5.5 qt Le Creuset round Dutch oven. I’m still kind of reeling a little bit from the fact that I actually bought it, and although it didn’t quite come down to a choice between buying the piece and buying the groceries I’d need to buy to cook in it, I still had to take a few deep breaths before taking the plunge. It’ll be some very cheap cuts of meat or types of veg that I cook in it for the next few weeks until my bank account is rehabbed.

I don’t have a particular brand loyalty to Le Creuset and I’m not seeking a material status symbol (I mean, this blog is named Mon Petite Cuisine, after all; if it was status I was after I’d need to change the name, and I kinda like it as it is). But I guess I do have a kind of sentimental attachment. As the saleswoman was helping me inspect the oven for chips or irregularities, she began what I imagine is a script she has to say to all the customers. She began to tell me about not using metal tools, and I nodded, quickly explaining that I only use bamboo or plastic anyway. Then I found myself explaining even further – completely unprovoked – that I never use metal tools because my mother had used some enamel cast-iron pots and pans (including a few Le Creuset pieces) and as it was in her kitchen where I started to learn to cook, I still do it that way.



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