My Daily Bread


“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” – James Beard

In case you  missed my extremely excited tweets of late last week, my most recent culinary accomplishment was an edible (not to mention nice-lookin’) loaf of bread. I’m now reveling in my newfound self-sufficiency, and even made a second loaf this weekend (after easily polishing off the first one). This one was the same recipe, but with 50% of the white flour replaced with whole wheat flour. It’s a much, much denser, and hard to judge that it was actually done, but it’s still pretty darn good.

Whole Wheat Bread - homemade!

Should go very, very well with an egg and some yogurt for breakfast this week.

I also improvised a beef & mushroom stew for dinner tonight (and lunch all week). What stew isn’t just perfect for a cold January night? And for cold January lunchtimes?

Beef & Mushroom Stew


As delicious as traditional winter food is, I’m still finding myself longing for the treats of summer. I saw a recipe for red potatoes with lemon & basil earlier today on a cooking show and just felt … kind of sad. I know there’s really nothing stopping me from just cooking something like that, but it’s also just not the same. It’s certainly nice that things like lemons, squash, fresh herbs, tomatoes, etc are readily available at the supermarket all year round, and more often than not I take advantage. It’s hard to do the whole “locavore” thing when the only local, available produce this time of year are sweet potatoes and … well, more sweet potatoes. One of the most wonderful things about living here in North Carolina is definitely the agriculture, but the best of it is definitely what’s produced in spring & summer – no matter how much I may love sweet potatoes.

At least I can always make my own bread. 🙂


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