Evolution of a Lunch

I got up early this morning, not exactly happily since it’s a school holiday and I should be able to sleep in, but (thankfully) in time to get to my 2nd job. As I began to plan out my day in my head, I mentally left blank the space for lunch, not having any idea what I wanted -or what would be available – to eat. This is the rest of the story from there.

9:40 AM, arrive at work, remember there are leftover sweet potatoes in my fridge. That’ll work for lunch.

11:05 AM, take a break, start to think I’ll stop by a Starbucks on my way back home for a day-off treat. Remember I still have a gift card I can use there – bonus.

1:05 PM, stomach starts to rumble as I wait on a student’s mom to pick her up (class ended at 1:00 … grrr).

1:20 PM, start to head home, decide to skip Starbucks, afraid I’ll order too much since I’m so hungry.

1:45 PM, at home, realize I’ll need lunch to take to school tomorrow. Then realize I still have pancetta I need to use before it goes bad. I put on water to cook some pasta and then slice up the pancetta.

1:50 PM, notice the dried shiitakes in the fridge. Pull some out, then add some of the boiling water for the pasta to “reanimate” the mushrooms. Add two servings worth of pasta.

2:05 PM, add mushrooms and pancetta to hot pan & brown. Notice the mushrooms are getting a bit crispy but keep them in anyway.

2:10 PM, assemble pasta with mushrooms, pancetta, and pecorino. I help myself to about a quarter of it, and then reach for the leftover sweet potatoes after all. Zap a couple of forkfuls of the potatoes for a few seconds to enjoy as a “dessert.”

2:15 PM, bon appetit!

I never want to write a boring, here’s-what-I-ate-today sort of blog. I only do it here to demonstrate how much I enjoy a day off, when I can cook my lunch. It’s so much more satisfying than just microwaving last night’s leftovers (although, most of the time, that’s a close second). The evolution here, of going from mere leftovers to something more original, is often the highlight of a day like today. And as my fellow teachers and I head into the most dreary, longest stretch of our year, I know I’ll find myself missing days like this – cooked lunches – more and more.


One response to “Evolution of a Lunch

  • Mika

    Awww, sigh. I loved the post but the end left me dreading the next few months. No worries, KP, more snow days are coming. I’d bet on at least three more snow days before March. If so, I’m coming over for lunch.

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