Gimme a B, Gimme an R, Gimme an E, A, D!!

I am baking bread tomorrow.

I’ve said this many, many times before and I’ve failed every time. Each of those times, I really thought I had the perfect recipe. I used to blame it on the recipe, for one failure or another. But really, I know I most likely just didn’t follow directions properly (although there was that one recipe from a British cookbook where all the measurements were metric … ).

But I’m going to try again. What kind of wannabe up-and-coming food writer would I be if I didn’t do this an embarrassing number of times before I got something decent out of it? 🙂

This time, though, I’ll be using Jim Lahey’s No-Knead recipe. Its simplicity (as far as I can tell) gives me confidence. Keep your fingers crossed, y’all.

Meanwhile, I’m braving a bad cold and didn’t cook a thing today. A cook who doesn’t feel like cooking? It’s like a fashion designer only wearing elastic-band Wal-Mart sweatpants (although I’ve done that most of the day today myself). It’ll pass, but for now it’s ginger ale, pudding, and Emergen-C for me, and hoping the minimal work I have to do for the bread will help me bounce back.


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