A Little Bit of Everything for 2011

**UPDATE: Links to recipes added. 🙂 **

I rang in 2011 with good friends and good food – an excellent start! I brought both sweet and savory as my contributions to the party.

Maple-glazed gingerbread cookies

Lowcountry mac & cheese "cupcakes"

I’ve made the Gingerbread Cookies a million times (or seems so anyway), so I wanted to jazz them up a bit with some icing. The cookies themselves turn out a bit extra ginger-y, so the icing had to be sweet, but not bland. I think it needs some work still, but using a bit of maple syrup, along with the confectioners sugar and a bit of butter, seemed to do really enhance the flavor of the cookies, as well as turn plain old gingerbread into a very rich dessert. I personally think they’re delicious with vanilla ice cream.

As for the “cupcakes,” I used my own recipe, but borrowed the idea of serving them up in cupcake liners from Kate at Framed Cooks – brilliant idea, a definite crowd pleaser!

I’m back to work this week – yuck – so tomorrow I’ll be back to cooking a week’s worth of lunches too. This week, vegetarian lentil soup, which means I’ll be cooking a soup base without pork fat of any kind, unfortunately. No bacon, no pancetta. It’s a new year, so we’ll call this my attempt at a healthy new year’s resolution. And we’ll just see how long it lasts.

Speaking of seeing how long things may last, I’ve “resolved” to do WordPress’ 2011 posting challenge, to post at least once a week. Here goes. 🙂


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