Omelette #FAIL

I am not a big fan of eggs, or of breakfast in general. But I do love a good omelette. And that was what I felt like eating the other night for dinner (I have always been a fan of the breakfast-for-dinner thing, just not really the breakfast-for-breakfast thing). Over the weekend I had had to buy an entire dozen eggs, instead of my usual half-dozen, and also had to buy them from the Walgreens up the road, as I’d forgotten them at the grocery store and was in a hurry with my cookie-baking. I know, I know, eggs from the convenience store; forgive me my faltering from my locally-produced-and-organic faith.

I decided to make this omelette, since it was my entire dinner, a rather hearty one, with ham, shiitake mushrooms, and cheese (and just a splash of heavy cream, as a treat 🙂 ).


Omelette, FTW?

Looking good, no?

I really wanted to get it right. I really, really did. And I really, really tried.

Omelette FAIL.

Well, it may not have been pretty, but it was good. Surprisingly, perfectly suited for a very cold weeknight’s dinner.

*          *          *          *          *

As a side note, I’ve just started reading An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, by Elizabeth David. It’s a collection of some wonderful articles she wrote for various newspapers and magazines in England in the 1960’s (mostly). She truly loved food, every step of it, from kitchen to table. The more I read what I’ve written here so far, and the more I think about how much I’m enjoying writing about food (to my own surprise, no doubt), the more I hope I can come across half as passionate, experienced, and intelligent as she does.


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