In the Cold November Rain

On the afternoon last week when I left home (NC) to spend Thanksgiving down in Charleston with my family there, it was about 65 degrees outside here, and not even frost-on-the-windshield cold at night. Then I spend a few absolutely gorgeous, warm days in Charleston. I get back here last night and it’s 30 degrees – maybe. And all day today it was cold enough that I finally closed the windows and turned on the heat, after several weeks of not needing to do either. So as I sought to replenish my refrigerator this afternoon at the supermarket, I thought it was a perfect day to take on a new soup recipe.

I based it on a recipe I read in The Guardian, a UK paper I got to be very fond of when I lived there, and still read daily. I substituted spinach for the cabbage, included celery in the base, and also added some par-cooked pasta. It worked deliciously!

A good amber ale - like Fat Tire - goes really well with this soup.

The soup ended up without a lot of liquid, thanks to the bread chunks. This is a good thing for transporting as lunch to work, but I think if I was serving it as a dinner I’d thin it some more. It tastes like a very rich, thick minestrone, like if minestrone could be made into a stew. But, as it is, it definitely stands alone, and needs no entree (nor even extra bread) to support it. With the pork fat, pasta, and white bread, it’s not the healthiest meal, but it definitely made a cold, kinda depressing (back to work tomorrow, ugh) night a lot brighter.


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