Oh, what a little mustard can do

That mustard (see the shopping list posted last week) was perhaps the most helpful ingredient I purchased on that supermarket visit.

You can do an awful lot with mustard. It makes a basic vinaigrette taste like that one they use at your favorite restaurant. If you’re using whole-grain Dijon, like the one I bought, you’ve got possibilities to play with texture, as well as flavor. So I hardly hesitated when I wanted to make a potato salad and also had chicken that needed to be used. Two things with mustard as the main ingredient? When they were this good, you bet I did.

First of all, the chicken. I mixed an approximate ratio of 2 parts mustard to 1 part olive oil, with some chopped garlic. I used some of it to marinate two chicken thighs, and the rest to baste them as they cooked under the broiler.

Oven-Roasted Chicken Thigh with Mustard

As a side note, let me say, I adore cooking with chicken thighs. They have about the exact right amount of meat for a single portion (no cutting breasts in half), and the best ones have a lovely combination of both white meat on top, just under the skin, and dark meat underneath. I always buy organic (of course) and I always buy them with the skin on. They will dry out very fast if you remove the skin before cooking.

Next, the potato salad. I am a Southern girl through and through, but I really prefer a slightly lighter, oil-&-vinegar (German-style) potato salad to the eggy, mayonnaise-y mess you generally think of. I used Dutch fingerling potatoes for their ease of handling – not too much slicing boiling hot potatoes. I followed this recipe, with amazingly delicious results. I added a touch more of both the mustard and the champagne vinegar to indulge my own tastes.

Potato Salad with Champagne Vinegar

And the finished product …

I will spare you, dear readers, of all the mustard-related puns I’m being urged to make here. đŸ˜€

Time for a much-deserved, delicious meal out after a very long week, and then an inspired (hopefully) trip to the supermarket.


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