…And by “eating well,” I do not mean “fruits and vegetables.”

Well, there were a few vegetables involved. But mostly covered in butter.

But let us begin at the beginning.

I have eaten really, really well over the last week or so. I cooked all week (and that, for example, included a lot of veggies and other good-for-you things, because mon petite cuisine does not handle fry-smoke very well). I think I’m done with pizzas for a while though. Might be heading back to pasta.

Anyway, then the weekend came, and I had been looking forward to these two meals all week: dinner plans both Friday and Saturday nights, at restaurants I really enjoy. On Friday, my friends and I celebrated a birthday at Liberty Oak here in Greensboro. It’s a cute little restaurant, nice waitstaff and hosts (read my review @ yelp). Oh yeah, and the food is exceptional. Best meal I’ve had in weeks, possibly months: Fried potato cake, grilled shrimp, and steamed veggies with a tasso ham cream sauce. And then I joined another friend at PrintWorks Bistro tonight. I have been to PrintWorks many times, and each time I end up with a combination of things I already know I love and things I think I will love, and I always leave happy. What did it for me tonight was the fried calamari (ALWAYS delicious) and North Carolina trout with capers and French green beans in beurre blanc, and the always-perfect warm beignets with chocolate sauce.

After a truly trying week, these two meals were just what I needed. Next week seems to have the potential to be just as difficult, so I’m hoping to find inspiration at the supermarket tomorrow.


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