Pizza, pizza

In case you hadn’t noticed from reading the other posts on this blog, I tend to cook according to themes. I get an idea in my head and I mess with it and play with it and cook it until I lose my taste for it (literally and figuratively). And lately that theme has been pizza.

I will confess, it started with an overwhelming craving for pepperoni pizza. Domino’s thin crust, to be specific. But last week when this craving hit, I was also feeling guilty for not having spent much time in the kitchen since school started up again. So, I didn’t call Domino’s. I went to the supermarket. And it was sooooo good.

I made several other variations throughout the week (including an AWESOME margherita pizza, with campari tomatoes and window-garden-fresh basil. It was gone before I could snap photos though. 😉  Oh, and if you’ve never tried making your own, customized, homemade pizza, just look for store-made dough in your supermarket. I have been pleasantly surprised to to find it at most of the big chains around here, and most even have both white and wheat dough.

Tonight, I found myself not yet tired of the pizza theme, but decided to try a stromboli instead. Actually, I have to admit, I’m not really sure what the difference is between a stromboli and a calzone. As far as I know they’re both just rolled up pizza! I’d welcome any comments clearing this up for me. 🙂  Anyway, I used chicken & garlic sausage, the olive oil & red chile base, touch of grated Parmesan and pecorino Romano, and a couple more of those campari tomatoes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And once again I’m looking forward to lunch tomorrow.


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