Pressing onward

My favorite lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. As excited as I was when thinking all day about cooking this for dinner, it was still a bit daunting. I knew it wouldn’t be exactly the same, of course, and I knew I was putting it together differently (just so I could keep playing with my new toy).

The original is an open-faced skirt steak sandwich with arugula and shaved Parmesan on grilled French bread. The only thing on it that’s cooked is the steak and the bread. I made mine on the panini press, of course, but with the same ingredients: I grilled the steak on the press before hand, to rare (which I prefer), then assembled the sandwich and grilled it. I used the cheese that I had, which resulted in a yummy combination of pecorino Romano and Parmiggiano reggiano on the sandwich.

Meanwhile, I pan-roasted some baby potatoes in a tiny bit of olive oil and garlic & herb grill seasoning and served that up on the side, along with a big glass of Malbec. 😀

In an attempt to prolong the joy, I also went ahead and made another sandwich to have for lunch tomorrow. That one is arugula, aged cheddar, and rosemary-roasted ham (big shout out to Boar’s Head deli this week!).

Tomorrow I’ll be attempting an eggplant parmesan sandwich on the press … it’s a good day when I can spend it thinking about cooking.


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