New toy!!!

I am constantly tempted by gadgets. Music gadgets, organizational gadgets … but especially kitchen gadgets. I try to rationalize that I don’t need another peeler or grater, another garlic-chopping gizmo, another storage solution, and most of the time I don’t buy them, no matter how cute.

 One such gadget I’ve been talking myself out of lately is a panini press.

Why buy a panini press, I thought, when I have two perfectly good frying pans to squash a sandwich between? Why buy a panini press when I have my old George Foreman grill?

That reasoning worked fine, and kept the 50 or so bucks in my pocket … until George Foreman died on me.

And along came a trip to Macy’s, during their not-as-rare-as-they’d-like-you-to-think one day sale. A $50 panini press, on sale for $18. What can I say, I’m a sucker. So it came home with me.

So this week, it’s all about sandwiches for dinner. Tonight: turkey & prosciutto with Muenster cheese, and a spinach salad.

I hope Mika (who made me a deeeeelicious pasta & veggie lunch today) is proud of my somewhat-healthy dinner tonight – even if it does have white bread, real meat and real cheese, surely the salad counts for something?!? 😉 

Tomorrow night I’ll be re-creating one of my favorite lunch dishes from Green Valley Grill.


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