Curry, take two…

I am nothing if not persistent. Stubborn, even.

Upon seeing some nice-looking eggplant, zucchini and baby potatoes at the farm market, I immediately thought it was a sign that I should try the curry again. I also threw in some chicken. On the way home I stopped at my local Indian take-away and picked up some rice and some naan, and I am all set!

This batch came out just about perfectly spicy. I would call it mild, but my tolerance for such things has been proven to be a little different from others’. I didn’t really use a recipe, just eyeballed the spices (brave, I thought, since that’s exactly how I measured the spices last time), and the sauce itself came out a little thin (it’s chicken broth, mostly, with a little butter), although it thickened up a little as the starchy veggies cooked. I did use more fresh garlic this time, as well as some fresh ginger, so as to try and keep my heavy-handedness with the spice rack in check.

YUM. I’m already excited about lunch tomorrow. 😀


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