Reality bites.

Don’t you just hate it when real life takes over?

I had a fantastic summer, lazing about, reading and cooking and writing, and of course, starting this blog. But, as nice as that was, summer has ended now and I’ve been back in the real world of my real job for a couple of weeks now. The school year is off to a less-than-fantastic start, and I have not spent much time at home, much less in the tiny kitchen.

I think the re-adjustment period is ending now, though, and I’ll be able not only to cook more but also write about it when I do. I considered going back to work as a potential obstacle to keeping this blog going when I started it, and I feel that I’m at least getting something rewarding out of writing it, even if no one else is getting anything at all out of reading it.

There is this Lean Cuisine commercial that has been on a lot lately. I’m sure you’ve seen it. It’s the one that names a “food myth” that “chopping, peeling, and sauteeing can actually be relaxing at the end of the day.” I have several issues with it (namely, the suggestion that any full meal that comes out of a bag in the microwave is healthier for you than fresh food that, heaven forbid, you had to peel and chop and saute yourself), but I’m mentioning it here to make a promise …

… Whether I get the chance to write about it or not, or even to snap a quick iPhone photo of it or not, and whether or not anyone other than me gets to eat it, you all can rest assured that any meal cooked in my kitchen on even the longest, most stressful day will not be from a bag, or a box, or any other microwaveable contraption. Minute Rice and frozen, steam-able veggies have their uses, I’ll grant you, but if I can get the same vegetable in the produce section on the same shopping trip to the supermarket, I’ll buy that every time. It just so happens I find peeling, chopping, and sauteeing to be quite therapeutic at the end of a long day.

*          *          *          *          *

I haven’t done my grocery shopping for the week yet, but I am already thinking I’d like to do some Italian pasta dinners this week. On the Rome episode of No Reservations, the first thing Tony ate (I think) was a classic Roman dish called cacio e pepe. It couldn’t be simpler: Pasta + Pecorino + Pepper. I want to make it with the right kind of pasta, bucatini in this case, and if there’s some good-looking seafood or some prosciutto I might add that too. We’ll see if Harris Teeter can help me out today.

In the meantime … go peel, chop, or sautee something. 😀



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