Worth the trip

It isn’t often that I’m willing to drive 20 minutes just to go out to dinner. It’s even more infrequent after I’ve already spent practically all day in the car already. But on the drive out to Southern Roots restaurant in Jamestown tonight, I grinned just about all the way there, even as my tummy was rumbling in anticipation (and hunger, as well).

I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Dining room at Southern Roots

What's a Southern food menu without Cheerwine??

Eggplant "fries" with tomato & garlic aioli appetizer

My shrimp & grits ... and the meat loaf, new potato mash, and squash & onions (and also Allison 🙂 ) in background

We also had an AMAZING bread pudding dessert, but I was so excited about eating it that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t taken a picture of it until it was nothing but a puddle of melted whipped cream and sugar syrup and a few bread crumbs.

If you live anywhere in the Greensboro/High Point vicinity, you absolutely must give Southern Roots a try!

*          *          *          *

School resumed this past week, so I haven’t done much in the way of exciting, innovative, or even interesting cooking for a few days. But hopefully I’ll settle back into my school groove as this next week rolls in, and may actually feel like cooking dinner again, rather than eating bread & hummus and just going to bed. 🙂


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