The last meal of summer vacation

I really should learn my lesson: In my kitchen, simplest is best. Between the over-spiced vegetable curry a couple of nights ago, and last night’s not-so-good homemade tomato vodka sauce(which I didn’t even bother posting about, it was so bad), I have gotten a bit over-zealous. I got carried away by the wonders of the farmers market.

So tonight, as I’m dreading going to our first workday of the new school year tomorrow, I hardly had an appetite, much less a desire to work very hard in the kitchen (I’ve peeled enough tomatoes for a while). I had two things from my most recent stop at the farmers market that I hadn’t yet put into a dish and ruined: frozen NC shrimp, and frozen fresh, homemade basil fettucine pasta (made by NC’s own Pasta Wench). I stayed out of the spice cabinet on purpose – not just because of the curry failure, but because I was lazy. All I did with the shrimp was a little salt and pepper, and cooked it in the pan with some store-bought pesto sauce. And the pasta – even easier. From freezer to boiling water, and 5 minutes later, everything’s on the plate (with freshly grated parmiggiano reggiano) and ready to eat. 



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