The best of intentions

Before I get to the “mild” disappointment (actually, “hot” … but I’ll get to that later) that was tonight’s vegetable curry, let me say that the disappointment was definitely eased by the last couple of days being otherwise awesome. So, I’ll start with the good stuff.

First of all, I had one of my favorite, favorite things on Friday night – a burger from Five Guys. A-1 sauce. American cheese. Sesame bun. Ohhh yes. Enough said. And there are no photos – it all happened so fast …

Yesterday I had a little food day-cation to Chapel Hill with some friends. Chapel Hill is not exactly a foodie mecca. But several of my local, favorite food-related things happen to be located there – A Southern Season, Trader Joe’s, and Peppers Pizza. A visit to all three, plus some yummy frozen yogurt, and my day was made. When we got back, I ended up cooking dinner at my friend Lisa’s house, almost entirely made of some of the goodies I had bought throughout the day-cation (garlic-roasted eggplant with pasta).

Today, I made a trip to my local local farmers market. Greensboro is lucky to have several farmers markets in or near the city; the Downtown Farm Market is literally blocks from where I live and Mike, a local farmer himself that runs the market, seems to have welcomed the business that the considerable word of mouth has brought. Recently, Greensboro’s Groupon offered a 50% off deal at the DFM, and just this afternoon there were four of us using our Groupons. I went over my Groupon amount by about $4, but not before I had packed my bag with ice cream, milk, NC shrimp, and these goodies:

And all of these became this:

Farmers Market Curry!

I am a huge fan of curries. I actually meant to stop by my neighborhood Indian restaurant earlier today to get some naan, just to enhance the experience (but I forgot 😦 ). I am also a huge fan of spicy curries. But the one I ended up with tonight was far too spicy. I have a feeling it won’t get any “cooler” as it becomes lunch & leftovers, but I’m going to try.

So … time for that ice cream … 😉


4 responses to “The best of intentions

  • kpeeples

    Thanks, everyone! I didn’t have the ingredients for raita (namely yoghurt, which I would have added to the curry too!), but I did serve it with brown rice. I ended up just having to throw the batch away today, but I will try again soon!

  • Lisa

    That dinner was delicious! And if you get tired of the too-spicy curry I’d be happy to help with that too 🙂

  • cathy

    The solution we came up with for too-spicy chili was to make lots more, to dilute the spicy batch. Unfortunately, this meant chili for lunch for a month… did you make raita too? That would help a bit.

  • anniespickns

    I love curries too but when they are too hot that’s another thing. You might try serving it over some rice and definitely get some naan, that will help too. I might even try adding a little yogurt. Bon appetite!

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