Success! Oh wait, almost.

Cooking dinner tonight seemed like a lost cause at one point earlier today. It started with my trip to the grocery store, during which I forgot (as I discovered later) a lot of the things I knew I needed. I really should take an Adderall or something before I walk into grocery stores.

Then, shortly after I’d gotten home and stored the seafood away in the fridge (normally, seafood on sale is cause for concern, but I could find nothing wrong with the tilapia and the shrimp that I found – score!!), the power went out. Actually, it was way more dramatic than that, and actually involved me getting quite frightened by the EXPLODING TRANSFORMER on the pole right outside my living room window. Anyway, not at all sure that I’d ever be able to actually cook and enjoy the tilapia I’d planned to cook tonight, I went out and did my twice-weekly stadium workout, hoping the power would be back by the time I came home.

Luckily, the power had come back on shortly before I got home, and so I was able to cook the tilapia as planned. I decided to re-try a citrus-spice marinade after last night’s mediocrity, and this time it worked out A LOT better (almost too spicy, but I’m not a great judge of that). The only problem was the fish being slightly undercooked, which I had feared as much as overcooking it since I decided to cook it the quick way by pan-searing instead of my usual baking/roasting. I also made some brown rice to help counteract the spiciness.

I’ve decided not to go in to school tomorrow – the start of the new school year is coming way too fast and I feel like I should take time where & whenever I can. So, my project for tomorrow is a homemade tomato sauce. I’m very excited, and trying to ignore the pressure of being expected to share – thanks, Mika!! 😉

I think I’m getting out of my culinary slump … right before I go back to working 8-10 hours a day. Boo. But still, I’ll take it!


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