All’s not lost; Rome awaits.

I have lost count of how many nights I have had a good idea for dinner that just didn’t work out quite right. Tonight, I needed to use some of the citrus I bought a few days ago (in this case, limes), and I was also craving something a little smoky-spicy. And I had one chicken breast left. So I attempted to put together a quick marinade (it was lime juice after all – few things break meat down faster) that had citrusy spicy yumminess. I came close, but not quite, using 2 limes’ worth of juice, lots of red pepper chili flakes, a good bit of cayenne and black pepper, and some olive oil. It came out a bit more citrusy than spicy. Certainly not inedible, but needs some work. Thankfully I served it up with one of my favorite conveniences: 5-minute, parmesan-flavored, box o’ couscous. All’s not lost. Plus, there will be milk and chocolate chip cookies later.

In a total fan-girl aside, next week’s episode of No Reservations has Tony (who is, as I’ve claimed before, my culinary-if-not-personal hero) in Rome. I had no idea that this episode hadn’t already been done, but I am sooo looking forward to it. Nobody cooks “simple” like the Italians, and the Romans in particular, and I am all about it. I feel a travel bug coming on…


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