Yep. It’ll do.

I got into a bit of a culinary slump during the past week. Kind of like writer’s block. It happens. I’ll be in the grocery store and have no idea what I want to cook, or eat. I guess this kept me off the blog for most of the week too, so I’ll try to recap what little I did accomplish in my kitchen.

One thing I had been meaning to attempt again was risotto. The last time I tried to master this I failed miserably. I don’t think I’ve yet mastered it still, but this wasn’t too bad. I tried to cut the recipe I was using in half, since it originally made 6 servings, and I think I just need to keep working with it – I ended up with a pretty decent-textured risotto, but it tasted a bit too strongly of the white wine and the onion. Once I perfect the recipe I’ll post it. I accompanied the sorta-risotto with another go at the roasted eggplant. This time I made a spicier marinade with red pepper flakes, but unfortunately overdid them a bit and burned the bottoms of the slices.

Ahh, mediocrity.

I enjoyed a dinner out on Saturday at one of my favorite chain, not-local-but-nice restaurants with a new friend, and Sunday had an amazing French meal at my parents, expertly cooked by my mother. I would have snapped a photo but I was waaaay too wrapped up in eating. It was essentially a beef tenderloin with a garlic powder, salt, pepper, and dried thyme rub, just pan-cooked, but served on a big slice of bread with French onion soup & mushrooms as a sauce/topping. Meals like that are why I could never, EVER give up eating beef.

Finally, tonight I didn’t get around to cooking dinner until well past 9:00, thanks to having gone running with my friends, so I reheated the leftover risotto and just did a simple roast of chicken breast, with some fresh thyme and fresh rosemary I clipped from my mother’s herb garden. Not exactly spectacular, but it’ll do.

I’m planning my next weekly trip to the grocery store on Wednesday. Here’s hoping I’m more inspired by then.


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