A breakfast post!

How exciting was my Friday night? SO EXCITING that I was asleep by 9:00! OK, so it wasn’t really exciting. And it meant I was up earlier than usual this morning. The only thing I had planned to do today was to clean the house, and since I really didn’t want to do that, I decided to cook breakfast.

My usual breakfast is a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, plus some fruit, and a cup of coffee. Plus, every meal I’ve written about here so far has been dinner. And I’m up early enough to cook a proper breakfast that doesn’t involve using the microwave. Of course, as I’m thinking through all this, I realize that what I really, really want for breakfast is pancakes. And I don’t have anything to make pancakes with. It’ll have to be eggs and toast, then.

I may not have pancake-making supplies, but I do have a ton of things-you-can-put-with-eggs. I opted to make a Spanish tortilla-style omelette, in part because it involves a bit of cooking other than the omelette itself, and if you haven’t figured this out by now, I was out to show off a bit.

Once the potatoes & green onions (with garlic) were cooked, I drained the oil off them while the omelette began to set. Once it had set a bit, I put them back in, with about half a slice of prosciutto shredded up and thrown in as well. 

Folding omelettes has never been a talent of mine. So I hope you weren’t expecting, dear readers, a perfectly browned, fluffy, folded omelette. Thankfully, neither was I, and it was quickly irrelevant anyway, as it was delicious.


(And yes, the house eventually got cleaned. :-D)


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