Panzanella! Also, a review of instant coffee.


This is one of my favorite things to make. It’s easy, delicious, and you can make it with pretty much anything, which means it can be vegetarian or non-, seasonal, or just whatever you’ve got around. Panzanella is, as I know it, a salad, but just not lettuce-based. But it has croutons and (when I make it, anyway) a kind of vinaigrette dressing. It’s great warm and cold. It’s a wonderful comfort food for me, but unlike my other favorite comfort foods like chili or chicken pot pie or ice cream, it’s good for you! The one I made today had yellow summer squash, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and a couple of garlic cloves.

I’ll post the recipe once I write it out, but it’s really just sooo flexible. I will say, though, that the key this time was the oil I used on the veggies – a friend of mine gave it to me as a thanks-for-catsitting present. It’s an easy enough recipe to pull off with just regular old olive oil and the right spice/herbs, though. Also, I had a glass of chilled chardonnay with this tonight, and it went just about perfectly with the warm temperature and slight peppery-heat of the panzanella.

It was a pretty low-key weekend, food-wise. Been eating more and more peanut-butter sandwiches and cereal, the closer I get to the next payday. 🙂 And, since I’m trying not just to stay on-budget, but also to make sure I still have a budget at all, I bought instant coffee this week, instead of the usual Keurig cups. My Keurig coffeemaker is one of the most-used items in my entire house, and I’ve always been impressed with how good their “K-cups” are. They are, however, a bit expensive (best I can find is about $9 or $10 for a box of 18), so for the coming week I thought I’d downgrade. I bought the Nescafé single packets, the “100% Colombian” one (about $4 for a box of 20). I tried the first one this morning and it was actually really good! I don’t think I will be switching permanently but it’ll do!

Not sure what else is on the menu for this week, but you know I’ll keep you posted. 😀


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