Easy like …

First of all I have to say, at the risk of sounding like a total foodie freak, that my fingers currently smell of fresh garlic from chopping for a marinade, and I love it. (And yes, I have washed them several times since.)



So I’m kind of taking the easy way out with this particular marinade. Marinades are not what I’d consider a strength of mine, but I have some really good Italian herb vinaigrette salad dressing that I’m going to have to toss out soon, so I wanted to use it up. Marinate a chicken breast in it, and I’ll have used most of what’s left.

So it’s economical, it’s easy, it’s Sunday, and it’s just me … who cares, right? No problem, until I fell into my typical home-all-day-on-Sunday-with-no-work-to-do habit: watching cooking shows. It’s a seriously bad habit, and I know it’s bad because I will even watch shows by chefs I really don’t like (like Nigella Lawson … she is, like, Rachel Ray annoying.).

Anyway, I quickly got to feeling guilty about my sad little dinner plan. It really wouldn’t take much to wake it up a bit, I thought … and next thing I know, I’m cutting some basil and oregano from the window garden and chopping some garlic.

The result?

After grilling in a stovetop grill pan, I added some goat cheese (because, as I’ve said before, everything is better with goat cheese) and threw it under the broiler for a few minutes.

Overall, it was … okay. I think I added too much cheese and couldn’t really taste the flavor (if any) from the marinade. Oh well. On to the next dinnertime adventure.


One response to “Easy like …

  • Mika

    Whoa, dogging RR is one thing but NL? Come on! She’s not that bad. You gotta love a cook that loves her chocolate. You know who works my nerves? THE NEELY’S!

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