“That’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more.”

I’ve been feeling a little ill, and I know it’s because of my over-indulgent weekend, so I had to take that into account tonight as I was getting ready to tackle the first of my now-frozen supply of chicken breasts.

I have a type of chronic anemia, which is helped by iron supplements or eating a little extra iron, but generally keeps me feeling pretty weak sometimes, regardless of iron intake. That was how I was feeling most of the day today so I knew it was time to whip out my go-to superfood: spinach!

The best way (most beneficial) to eat spinach is raw, but a spinach salad just doesn’t do it for me. If I’m eating a spinach salad, the nutritional value of it is usually ruined by all the things I have to add to it to make it appetizing. Instead, I usually cook a huge bunch of spinach in a big frying pan with – literally – two drops of olive oil, a small minced garlic clove, a pinch of salt and a turn of the pepper grinder. I cook it until it’s just soft but still bright green. I’ve never looked up the nutritional value of eating wilted spinach – for all I know, it may have all the iron cooked out of it, regardless of how little I actually cook it – but it almost always does the trick. And it’s waaaay yummier than spinach salad.

Baked skinless chicken breast, wilted spinach and whole-wheat linguine

I made a thin paste of olive oil (always extra virgin; unless I’m frying I don’t use anything else) and a store-made poultry spice blend and coated the chicken, then wrapped it in foil and baked it at about 425 for about 10 minutes. Finally, because I hadn’t really eaten much all day (that’s the crazy thing about being weakened so much by the anemia, that I was so tired I didn’t feel like eating!), I added in the whole-wheat linguine.

Overall – pretty good, but this is an old standby for me. I make some version of this a lot because it’s quick and easy and covers pretty much all the nutritional bases. I have another bunch of spinach that I’ll probably use tomorrow night, and I’m thinking I’ll have to go get some cheese of some kind too … mmm, feta … 😀


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